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KAUKOKAIPUU’s audience consist of outdoor enthusiasts from camping to glamping, and from land to the mighty ocean. Eco-destinations and memorable experiences as well as original places to stay are something they’re looking for when planning up-coming trips.


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Call me Monni.

It’s my nickname, given by my family, meaning a catfish. You know, I am the one travelling, whenever possible, with my fishing rod and self-tied flies.

I love emotional stories filled with visually strong images. That’s basically how I became an award-winning travel/outdoor writer and photographer. Born and raised in Finland, I’m now residing in Northern Norway – the love of my life and Salmo salar got me here.

I have been roaming the world as a professional adventurer since 2008. Click here and take a look at the most popular travel blog in Finland, KAUKOKAIPUU (Eng. ”Wanderlust”).

On the other hand, I’ve been working as an SEO wizard since 2008. Meaning, I know how to be found on the 1st place on Google.

From the smallest details to the mighty ocean views, my passion is to create outstanding content whilst showing how fun it is to be outside exploring nature.

My work is built on the excitement of the outdoors, the peace in nature, and my lifestyle as an adventurer. Living up in the North, surrounded by forever changing weather and harsh landscapes has given me a tight bond to nature and its forces.

I love road and boat trips, lighthouses, and to highlight Mother Nature in my articles. I do believe that my years of experience in adventure and nature enable me to bring an authentic and unique perspective to my storytelling.

Let’s work together on something wonderfully wild!

KAUKOKAIPUU since 2008

KAUKOKAIPUU, ”Wanderlust” in English, (link to blog) is all about travel to special places. My aim is to create handpicked, unique itineraries, filled with great tips for others to enjoy and use.

Originally from Finland, I’ve been living in Northern Norway for the past years. I’ve been travelling regularly since 2008 (the year when KAUKOKAIPUU was born). I do have a second home in Finland, so for me it is easy to travel to other destinations either from Norway or from Finland.

Arctic destinations, nature photography and creative stories filled with interesting details and history are the main themes for my blog.

Detailed Travel Guides

I put all my finds into detailed articles, well-organized city guides, best-of collections and my dedicated special must-see series (including natural monuments).

Some of my Travel Guides

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Hight quality SEO-optimized content

I’ve been working as an SEO consultant (link to professional website) for the past 10 years, and the story goes on. Comprehensive, good user experience, researched, promoted, consistently updated for freshness; KAUKOKAIPUU offers SEO optimized blog articles with long lasting visibility on Google.

Selected Clients

My clients include Finnair, Visit Finland, Finnlines, Discover Muonio, Yours Singapore, Visit Greece, Via Dinarica, SIGMA Lenses and Canon to name a few.

Some of my Photos

Nature, activities, producst, people and lifestyle. At the top of all, I am a visual storyteller.